Tweeting Hell

Just in case you did not notice its appearance on our sidebar, I thought I would point out that we recently started a Twitter account for this blog. You can find it here: Follow it if you like being bombarded with photos of our pets and our many, many, many opinions.



Welcome to Braising Hell.

In this space, Graeme and I will talk about the food we cook, the beer he brews, the cookbooks, restaurants and bars that we love, and our related gluttonous musings. We will likely also talk about why Montreal is the best city ever, and post excessive pictures of our animals. Friends and family have been suggesting that we start a food blog for years, probably with the hope that we would stop clogging their Facebook feeds with endless pictures of our culinary accomplishments. We do look forward to having one space to talk about our obsessions, as well as to connect with other obsessives. So here we go!