Braising Hell is a Montreal-based food and beer blog. It chronicles our adventures (and misadventures) in brewing, cooking, eating and drinking in this beautiful city. We love hearty, unfussy food and drink that draws on different cultural traditions and teaches us about the world.

Things you will find on this blog: discussions of from-scratch cooking techniques, such as braising, roasting, and baking, as well as home-made charcuterie and beer; an embrace of unjustly maligned ingredients such as fat and salt; reflections on food ethics; enthusiasm for both amateur and professional folks doing creative things with awesome ingredients and making people happy.

Things you will not find on this blog: diet food or guilt about loving food and beer; the use of pretentious ingredients and methods just for the sake of them; snootiness of any kind. We think that you can love food and drink without making it an exclusionary pursuit, and this idea underscores our cooking, eating, brewing, drinking and writing.

We are:

Anna: lover of peanut butter and chocolate; bread baker; cheese fiend; professional nerd; recipe follower.

Graeme: hot dog enthusiast; professional brewer; amateur charcuterer; hessian obsession; recipe shunner.

Our Assistants:

Daisy: retired athlete; kibble expert; furry toy collector.

Susan: professional food taster; cereal and mayonnaise lover; belly rub recipient.

Willa: picky eater; world class purrer; softest ever fur haver.


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